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August 2019

Launching into operation of 5-axis CNC milling center Mecof AGILE CS500 which is able to machine the parts up to 4000х2000х1700mm.

May 2019

Set of large Checking Fixtures for 1D and 3D measurement of front and rear doors, hood and other car body components is manufactured and delivered to RENAULT RUSSIA plant.

April 2019

Launching into operation of precision Laser welding machine OR Laser HTS Mobile, Germany

March 2019

Launching into operation of new large spark EDM CMAX S2210, tank dimensions 2810x1700x800mm

Customers and Production

Automotive industry

Plastic injection moulds: Exterior - mirrors, lamps, grilles, moldings, mudguards, wheel protectors and other; Interior - dashboard parts, steering wheel and column covers, pillars, door trims, seat base and covers, glove boxes, handles and other; Engine compartment - covers, brackets and other.

Thermoforming tools: headliners, floor carpets, trunk sides and lug floor, wheel arches, hoodliners, inner and outer dash insulators.

Foaming tools: seats, sound insulations, steering wheels, dashboard covers and other.

Other tools: Blow parts - airducts, washing tanks, separators; Die casting parts - housings, brackets, collectors and other; SMC parts - truck exterior; EPS parts - spacers and other; Auxiliary tools - Checking fixtures, water jet shells, welding, assembling and other jigs.


Aviation and Aerospace industries

Different types of tooling as well as airplane parts.

….as well as Energy, Consumer goods and other industries