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August 2019

Launching into operation of 5-axis CNC milling center Mecof AGILE CS500 which is able to machine the parts up to 4000х2000х1700mm.

May 2019

Set of large Checking Fixtures for 1D and 3D measurement of front and rear doors, hood and other car body components is manufactured and delivered to RENAULT RUSSIA plant.

April 2019

Launching into operation of precision Laser welding machine OR Laser HTS Mobile, Germany

March 2019

Launching into operation of new large spark EDM CMAX S2210, tank dimensions 2810x1700x800mm

In accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 15 of Federal Law No. 426 of December 28, 2013. “On Special Assessment of Working Conditions” contains a summary of the results of a special assessment of working conditions at workplaces and a list of measures to improve working conditions and occupational safety of employees of AviaKAM LLC.

Information posted in limited access. Viewing and transfer of files with the results of SOUT is carried out at the official request of the interested organization with the imposition of liability for non-disclosure.

Mailing address for sending the request: 432072 Ulyanovsk, PO Box 3607